What is it and who is it for?

The Freedom Programme is an initiative introduced by Pat Craven, who created the programme after working with the perpetrators of domestic violence in the probation service. The programme aims not to provide therapy for victims and survivors of domestic violence, but information on what has happened to them and what they can do about it.

At VOICES, our Freedom Programme is for women and looks into the beliefs of people who commit domestic violence and how abuse impacts on victims, to help those who have experienced domestic abuse to understand what they have been through. It also looks deeply into how children are affected when they live in households where there is domestic violence but most importantly, how their lives are improved when they are no longer surrounded by violence. Information about where the Freedom Programme is run in the UK are available on the programme website www.freedomprogramme.co.uk

Further information about where the Freedom Programme is run in the UK is available on the programme website www.freedomprogramme.co.uk.  The Freedom Programme has been extended to include a 2-day intensive workshop that is suitable for men who have been victims themselves, for more information click here.


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