Day Four 2019

Igniting The Spark


My truth burns deep inside me, 
so far down I am scared to search, 
to go within and witness the flames.
But to feel the heat of my fire
I must face my fears, 
embrace the dark, 
make friends with 
the shadows that lurk around
every corner of my soul.
To live my truth is to know my truth, 
to recognise the lies that govern my existence.
I have fire within me.
To dance with the flame, 
I release the blame, 
unchain my heart, 
my womb, 
my tongue.
Give voice to my essence, 
step into the unknown, 
twist and turn, 
wrestle with the fears
that threaten to dampen my fire.
I choose to breathe air on my fire, 
give life to the spark
that ignites my soul 
and shine my light 
on the world