Day Sixteen 2019

25 Locks


I’m in a box with 25 locks
locked in for each one of my sins.  
“Don’t talk to her! Don’t talk to him!” 
Stay in the house while I go to the gym. 
Cook the dinner, you’re a sinner so get on your hands and knees,
Get on your hands and knees and you better start to f-ing clean. 
Clean the kitchen, Clean the bathroom and the living room too.
It better be done on time or you know what will happen to you, 
I’ll put you in the box with 25 locks, a lock for all your sins. 
I’ll put you in a box with 25 locks and put the key in the f-ing bin. 
So I’m locked in for all my sins and I begin to clean, 
I clean the kitchen, I clean the bathroom and I start cleaning the living room too. 
As I danced to the music, I moved the settee and tried to get in the party mood. 
I had the hoover on, danced to my favourite song, then turned around and bumped into you. 
My body went cold, my face looked old as I stood there facing you. 
I stepped back in my box with my 25 locks and I handed you the key.
I said don’t worry baby, I was thinking maybe I won’t go out for my birthday this year. 
It’s getting you mad which is making me sad, it’s not worth the ag, forget it I’ll stay in and I’ll just smoke a fag.  
What do you want for dinner, I don’t want to be a sinner I just want to be a good girl for you?  
You stood up and you stared, I wondered where, or what your next move would be.  
You grabbed me in my face and told me I was lying, I felt like crying, I felt like dying.  
You leaned into my face you were boiling with rage, you roared I felt your hot breath on my neck on this day. 

“YOUR A SINNER I SAID!! Get in the box with 25 locks, a lock for each of your sins!!
Get in your box with 25 locks and I’ll put the key in the f-in bin. 
He pushed my head down into the ground and said “GET ON YOUR KNEES YOU CLOWN.  LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE MAKING ME DO!”
I knew what was coming next, so I said F you, you prick there is no f-ing way I’m sucking your dick’!! 
You slapped me hard in the face, screamed at the bitch you f-ing hate, YOU SLAG, YOU UGLY BLACK LITTLE RAT!  
You grabbed me by my hair, you swung me around and I landed on the ground behind the chair. 
You’re a fucking prick I’m not having this, I said as touched my face and seen blood on my fingers. 
I’m not a sinner I’m a f-ing winner so now I’m going out tonight!! 

You went dark black at speeds quicker than a flip of a hat, next thing I know I was on laying on my back. 
I will kill you, you bitch, you’re an evil fucking witch look what your making me do.  
I feel like slitting your throat, putting you on a boat and dropping your body in the canal.. 
I looked into your black eyes and started to cry and started to apologise and beg for my life, who is this man I lay down with to make a baby so special and bright.
This black ugly cloud this black ugly monster was here to interrupt our life’s.  
Please, I’m sorry baby, it’s all my fault maybe? I’ll make it right just tell me what to do? 

I’ll get in my box with my 25 locks and stay locked in for each one of my sins. 
Back in my box with 25 locks and I will put the key in the bin. 

© Naomi Donald 20/11/2016

Twitter: @NaomiDonaldPODS 
LinkedIn: Naomi Donald 
Instagram: naomi_donald_pods