Day Ten 2019

Salty Tears


Salty tears sting my face
Welling up from some dark place
Crushed down low they were placed
to help me cope in that hopeless place

Broken, lifeless lay my soul
To the point I was almost
No more!!
BUT Voices head my cry, my plea for sanity
For love, acceptance
For understanding all of me

The Freedom Programme was put in place
Laughter, love and clarity
Laughter lit the once dark place, resolve
Hope and love were put back into their rightful place

Weighed down with grief and sorrow
Loneliness and no hopes for tomorrow
Tortured daily by my ex – he’s looking for the cracks within
To slowly steal my soul, my heart, my joy within

Beaten down “YES” but “NO” longer as
And even though I’m not quite there
I know the volunteers always care

Cake is the order of the day
To take the sadness away
Chocolate, biscuits by the tonne
Which doesn’t help my bum
Who cares when the company is so much fun!!!!

I will have my day and he will pay for his cruel wicked ways
Emptiness will stay with him
A monster he carries within
You get back what you’ve put in