VOICES work to inform policy and decision making by communicating the insights and experiences of people who have had abusive relationships, or who perhaps are coping with the long-term impacts.

We welcome the opportunity to make a difference to professional understanding of and responses to domestic abuse, through consultation or training.

Key areas of concern include experiences of and barriers to disclosing abuse, risk management and service support, access to appropriate therapeutic support after abuse, and victim’s experience of criminal and family court processes where abuse is alleged, as well as child contact disputes.

VOICES members currently participate in the IVASP (Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Strategic Partnership) board coordinating services and response to domestic abuse in Bath and Northeast Somerset and the IRIS (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety) steering group for the county. VOICES have also taken part in consultations of survivors, family and friends, organised by SafeLives, the national domestic abuse training charity.