What is the Freedom Programme and who is it for?

The Freedom Programme was designed by Pat Craven and is a free awareness-raising programme about domestic abuse.  The programme is based on her extensive work with the perpetrators of domestic abuse and her resulting understanding of how perpetrators use abusive tactics to coerce and control their victim. It is this knowledge that informs throughout the course and it’s how the Freedom Programme facilitates learning.

  • This means women can make sense of what has happened / is happening to them and find ways to begin to recover from abuse.
  • It is a 12-week programme, which runs for two hours each week and provides information, not therapy.
  • The programme has been designed to help any woman who is, or has been a victim of domestic abuse through a process of talking and supporting each other in a small group.

The aims of the Freedom Programme are to:

  • Inform women so that they are able to recognise and identify abusive behaviours and the beliefs held by abusive partners
  • Demonstrate how the range of tactics used by an abusive partner can cause them to remain in an abusive relationship
  • Show how domestic abuse affects children and explore the impact on the family as a whole
  • Empower women to gain the self-esteem and confidence to safely make changes that improve the quality of their lives and those of their children
  • Enable women to recognise future abusers and know what a healthy relationship looks like

The Freedom Programme is run by VOICES, a survivor-led charity based in Bath. The programme is delivered by trained facilitators with experience of supporting women affected by domestic abuse.  Facilitators work in dialogue with women attending to explore the nature and experience of domestic abuse.

The programme is free of charge for those attending and is delivered in a friendly, safe and inviting space.  Refreshments and travel / childcare expenses are provided.

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