Day Eleven

‘In a World…’ By An Overcomer and Voices Volunteer

In a world of silent screams and broken dreams

Oppression crowding our isolation

And darkness clouding our devastation


In a world where no one sees nor yet believes

Imprisoned by those bruiseless blows

But no one knows how deep it goes


In a world where joy is an object to destroy

Our breath just brushing past the lung

Like a hollow song unsung


Amidst this there is a wondrous find

A place to leave it all behind

To rise above the silent screams that echo in those broken dreams


To relish things which still remain, beyond the memory of the pain

To reach for joy and breathe deep once more

To feel life ebbing within our core


Such is the place found through Voices

A revelation that we still have choices

Freedom to Love and Live and Be is now so possible for those like me!

Thank you Voices for your unwavering kindness and support, your selfless gestures and encouragement. For planting seeds of hope again and journeying with others like me into Freedom. Most of all thank you for listening, hearing and understanding. In a world where darkness had might you are a blessing and God sent light.