Day Five

Jimmy Deane, CEO and founder of The Sporting Family Change Foundation

Through delivery of fun sports activities, which are both a great leveller and fully inclusive, we aim to recognise and remind women that they and their families can be outstanding. From a clinical point of view when engaging in sport and activities, endorphins are released in the brain which triggers positive feelings in the body, promoting happiness.

A fundamental part of our charity’s culture is to value the contribution each person makes; we encourage positive attitudes, helping to boost self-confidence and empower women to realise they can achieve so much more than they thought themselves capable of. It’s like holding a mirror up to show how fantastic each person is in their own right. Sadly, this is all too often overlooked.

Our strapline is “Ability to be Kind.” We chose this because ability in this case signifies flexibility; a vital quality when supporting vulnerable women. Kindness is an integral part of the ethos of our charity and we believe that fundamentally society needs to be kinder to others as we feel there is not enough of this in the world.