Day Seven

The Freedom Programme by Lucy (Voices Social Work Student)

As a Student Social Worker I had not really considered the area of the profession that I eventually want to work in. I had not considered domestic abuse before starting my work placement with Voices and honestly, it has changed everything for me. I have realised that domestic abuse can affect anyone and will probably be something I will come across throughout my career as a social worker, no matter which area I eventually decide to go into.

Since working at Voices, I have been participating in The Freedom Programme alongside the women who attend every week. This experience has allowed me to look at my own personal relationships and has given me greater insight into what the women Voices support have been through. In the short space of time that I have been at Voices, I have realised that there seems to be a lack of understanding about the effects of domestic abuse and how it can present itself. For this reason I believe that The Freedom Programme is something that could be beneficial for professionals working with people who have or who are experiencing domestic abuse. I believe that my experience working with Voices is something I will carry with me throughout my career as a social worker and that it will greatly influence my practice.