Day Thirteen

Recovery, Change and A Lot of Cake by Kirsten Melbourne, Head of Services

The existence of Voices (a survivor founded and led charity) is a wonderful illustration of how women can recover and thrive after domestic violence. Of how we can convert adverse past experience into hope, understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. I am honoured to be able to share that journey of healing with women in my role here.

Our approach is simple, we are guided by trauma informed practice and what women tell us they need. Providing a safe space for women to guide and support each other may sound obvious but the magic that happens every day as a result of this is life changing for everyone involved.

The generosity of our group members is what fuels recovery and change. Shared knowledge, warmth, laughter, tears, information, swearing, support, (and cake!) strengthen and sustain us. Friendship combats isolation and boosts wellbeing, confidence grows in place of self doubt.

Those with lived experience of the horror that is domestic violence share their insight so Voices can influence policy makers to improve the law, services and support. These changes could enable another woman to escape quicker, recover faster or even never have to experience domestic abuse.

The whole of Voices is so much greater than the sum of its parts – and I feel privileged to be one of those parts.